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Google Desktop strangeness

18th February 2008

Google Desktop strangeness

I went to add a post to and instead of arriving at the site I was presented with a scary warning that was flagged as a “malware site” that was potentially providing bad software for download. Really!

This is very strange because we don’t offer any software for download! I’m requesting a review from Google, and demanding an explanation. They refer me to a site called “” and on that site there is a list of over 200,000 sites that have been flagged — and is not among them. So the mystery deepens.

Please rest assured that (1) there is no malware on this site, and (2) I will clear up this mess.


Edited to Add: Some bug allowed a weird link to be added to a back post. This bug is supposedly gone, and the link removed, and we are not longer OMG!FATAL!!1!eleventy-one!


18th February 2007

Bee Classes

Another thing I need to do soon is read my assigned chapters in my beekeeping book. It arrived yesterday, and I haven’t even looked at it. Sigh.

However, the info sent along with it says that the spouses of class attendees can also attend for free- so maybe J and I can both do it, at least some of the time. That would be cool!