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Processing Old Comb

29th June 2008

Processing Old Comb

The bees are doing great! Justin inspected the hives yesterday, and everyone is ding fine. We do need more supering capacity ASAP- we should place an order for such tonight.

Meanwhile, I processed  some pretty funky old comb today. I want to harvest the beeswax in it, and I think I did OK on that… but next time I won’t wait so long, plus I’m really thinking that a solar-=powered collectoer would be a nice alternative to dealing with it in a more hands-on way. This was comb that had gotten some mold, etc., so we pulled it out of the hives. It’s kinda gross. The wax looks fine, though, so at least we’re getting something out of it… but considering the source, this is wax for use in candles etc., not for the bees!


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22nd June 2008

Elizabeth reborn

We tried to assist the fast-fading Elizabeth by taking 2 frames of brood from Susan, who was preparing to swarm (every time I inspected Susan we had dozens of queen cells).  This also gave me an opportunity to try out some of the black plastic frames we’ve acquired.  I ended up taking a frame of honey from the brood box as well, since the honey flow was going strong.

It seems that all of this was successful!  Elizabeth is back to normal, with new brood to show that one of the queens emerged and mated successfully (the brood frame had multiple queen cells).  Susan has either decided not to swarm, or has already built back up after swarming, I’m not sure which.  Susan’s girls have been busy filling the Bee-o-pac super, and are at about 2/3 complete.  The Bee-o-pac containers look great, filled nicely with good-looking comb.  I saw no queen cells this time, although I only inspected the top brood chamber.

Mary was about 100% filled with honey - multiple frames in the upper brood chamber and the super was 100% full.  So I took the Bee-o-pac super off Elizabeth (who still needs to build up her stores) and put it on Mary.  We’ll need to be ordering more supers to keep up with these hard-working girls!


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