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Beekeeping kitty!

28th July 2008

Beekeeping kitty!

This made me giggle.

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19th July 2008

Elizabeth finally has a super to work on!

With all the other things going on in our lives, we had been putting off adding a super to Elizabeth until the additional supplies arrived (so I could do all 3 hives at once).  The delivery having been delayed this long, I decided to reload the existing shallow frames & put the super on Elizabeth, who is now at full strength and needs something besides swarming to work on.Judging from the overall testiness of Elizabeth (of course it being 90+ and humid tends to make them cranky) I was adding the super in the nick of time! I did a quick check on Susan, who is making progress with her Bee-o-pac super, filling in the containers with comb - but not much honey so far.   On the whole she looks like she is doing well.Mary is completely full, almost ready to have honey flowing out of the top of the hive!  The Bee-o-pac super is done, ready for harvest, although we’ll wait to do that later.  So I’m back to waiting for that order of supers… 

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3rd July 2008

Rain, rain go away!

It’s been humid and raining every day, and the girls are NOT happy with this!  Not cranky enough to make working with them too difficult, but I can hear them grumbling.  The humidity makes the honey ripening process seem to go much more slowly, too.

So  at this point I think I can say: enough already!


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