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Interesting proposal for improving pollination

28th January 2009

Interesting proposal for improving pollination

This article proposes an interesting approach to improving the health of our pollinators: reserve plots of land to grow wild, providing islands of habitat in our agricultural areas.  These would provide the diversity of plants to support the bee population and the bees in turn would pollinate the surrounding areas.

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12th January 2009


I’ll admit I’m worried about our girls. It hasn’t been a particularly cold winter- but it’s been a very snowy one, and while we’ve been clearing the hives’ entrances, we haven’t seen any activity.

Although it hasn’t been as cold thus far as last winter- I think it’s been moderately cold for longer spans of time; last winter had some nasty cold weeks, but also some very moderate ones, and we’ve been lacking both.

Our girls seemed to have really solid stores going into the winter; we just hope they’re doing OK. I’d love to see a proper January Thaw and some “cleansing flights”!


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