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Another possible culprit in Colony Collapse Disorder

18th May 2009

Another possible culprit in Colony Collapse Disorder

Maybe this is a contributor?

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17th May 2009

Feeding the bees

Today I removed the remnants of the miticide treatment from Susan.  There was very little of it left, but the scent of oil of thyme was very strong.  Let’s hope that the treatment knocked back the varroa mites! Victoria is lagging a little, presumably because she is the hive that sees the sun the latest in the morning.  Overall she looks good, but she has more comb to draw, so I made up some syrup for her.  While I was at it, I fed the other hives as well.  They are clearly finding nectar, but the syrup will help with the wax production that they definitely need. I put a second brood chamber on Emma, who gets the sun first in the morning and is going great.  While selecting frames to use, I included 4 of the black foundation (all plastic frames, with beeswax coating).  These are much easier to spot eggs and larvae in, so we’re aiming to switch over to these for the brood chambers.  The bees are accepting the frames well (both Emma and Victoria had 2 black frames & are progressing well drawing out comb), and they proved their value in identifying brood.  The capped brood is easy to spot, but the eggs are devilish hard to see.It is very peaceful, working on the hives.  For the most part the bees were making happy little humming sounds - we’ll see how they react to a more thorough examination! -Justin 

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