30th May 2011


Wow- it’s been a long time since we posted. My apologies!

Currently, we have 3 working hives: Susan- a survivor from our first set of packages, and 2 new ones that I have not yet named.

All are doing well at the moment, and the 2 new ones need supers.

Susan is being balky about supers, yet again. Justin says that she’s decided to wall the super off from the hive proper, by building all over the queen excluder. Sigh. Susan has never given us anything in the way of harvest; however, she’s so damn hardy that we keep her going..!

I’m thinking we should remove the queen excluder, and see if she’ll use the super then.

We also need to build frames and super the 2 new hives ASAP.

It’s lovely to have 3 busy hives going again! And the girls are so pretty as they zoom in and out on their trips.

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