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Bees’ Migration Holds Clues to Geologic History

25th October 2011

Bees’ Migration Holds Clues to Geologic History

This is a very interesting article from the New York Times about how bee species give a clue to how early North and South America were joined by a land bridge (it’s earlier than geologists thought).

Bees Migration Holds Clues to Geologic History
Two new bee species shed light on Panama’s history as a land bridge
between South and Central America, scientists are reporting.
Published: October 24, 2011

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10th October 2011

Powdered sugar treatment - first dose

I took advantage of the nice weather and the Columbus Day holiday to take off the remaining honey super and to give the girls their first powdered sugar bath of the season.  The theory is that the powdered sugar causes the bees to groom and in the process to dislodge varroa mites, which fall through the grating at the bottom and can’t crawl back up into the hive.  It certainly doesn’t seem to bother the girls much.

The last honey super was pretty light, actually lighter than I remember it being the last time I checked.  So I guess the bees have robbed from themselves a bit?

I had put an empty super on our best honey producer, and they’ve already made considerable progress on it.  I wasn’t expecting it, because it’s really getting late in the year for honey production here.  I’m kicking myself, because I could have put several supers on that hive a bit earlier and had much more harvest than we got.  Well, next year I won;t make that mistake!

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