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A sad day for a beekeeper

15th April 2012

A sad day for a beekeeper

Yesterday was a very sad day: we lost 2 hives, apparently to CCD.  There were virtually no bee corpses, but no live bees either, while 2 weeks ago both hives were thriving.  This is the first time we’ve lost hives in a manner consistent with Coony Collapse Disorder, and it most disheartening.

I’ve tried to place an emergency order for bees, as it is still early enough to establish new hives.  Unfortunately almost all  the bee suppliers in the area are sold out for the season.  One outfit was claiming to offer nucs (basically, a queen and 4-5 frames of brood/bees, the “nucleus” of a hive), and I placed an order, but I fear the website was not up to date.  But I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

The new supers arrived (how’s that for timing?) and they look great.  Already assembled, and with one-piece plastic frames with integral foundation, beeswax-coated to encourage the bees to build comb.  These will be low maintenance and can be put in a extractor, which will make harvesting the honey much quicker and easier.

Now we just need bees!

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