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Bee Class

22nd March 2007

Bee Class

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We went through June with a beekeeper’s duties. It was mostly stuff I’d read- being the research wonk I am- but in a perspective relevant to our climate- and that’s really important.

I did sort-of finish my honeycomb pin, and wore it, but no one commented on it. *sulk*

The beekeeper has various packages available for necessary beekeeping supplies- and pretty good prices, I think- but to get them we’d have to take a day next weekend to drive out to his apiary and pick the stuff up. And weekend days are precious to us. I think I will see how good the discount is- because the same stuff delivered to our doorstep has distinct advantages over needing to drive 3 hours and pick it up. :P Though that would be kinda fun… Anyway, I do need to see what the price differential is.

Sasha (our dog) is good at the guilt trips, by the way. When we were getting ready to go she was all waggy and hopeful, and I said, “I’m sorry, girl, I’d love to take you but we really can’t.” And she drooped sadly, and went to her bed, and looked woebegone.

But she was so, SO happy to greet us upon our return! Oh, the joy!

…which kinda adds to the guilt. :)


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