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Making progress with Victoria and Emma

7th June 2009

Making progress with Victoria and Emma

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Susan, our surviving hive from last season, is doing well - excellent brood patterns, plenty of bees, full stores in the brood chambers.  I put a super on Susan, with our standard thin beeswax foundation.  It will be interesting to see how quickly she will fill the super!Emma is doing well, I think.  Sh hasn’t filled up the 2nd brood chamber yet, but she’s making solid progress on it.  It’s clear that the black plastic foundation with beeswax coating is not a popular with the bees as is the pure beeswax foundation.  I’m doubting the wood-versus-plastic is the issue, I think the plastic is not smelling quite right to the girls.  Certainly the beeswax coating helps a lot, though.Victoria is lagging, however.  She is in a somewhat better location than poor Elizabeth, but still not getting the early morning sun that makes such a difference.  It’s their alarm-clock, after all! We’re planning on taking a frame of brood from Susan and adding it to Victoria, and giving Susan another black plastic frame.  Those are much easier to see eggs/larvae on.–Justin 

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