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Victoria has fallen on hard times

19th July 2009

Victoria has fallen on hard times

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The weather finally let me inspect our hives again, and here is what I found:

  • Susan continues strong, and needs another honey super right away.  She is loading the 2nd brood chamber with stores and not enough brood (although she has plenty of bees), the one super I had on her is pretty much full;
  • Emma is doing well, 2nd brood chamber a good mix of stores and brood. I put our remaining super on her, to keep her busy & productive;
  • Victoria has laying workers, no sign of the queen & looked like all drone brood.

I took 2 brood frames from Emma and put them in Victoria, to keep at least some workers coming.  The brood frames from Emma I replaced with the black plastic ones.  Between rebuilding those and the super I think Emma will be kept busy & not swarm.

I have to locate a source of a local queen for Victoria, hope to find one I can put in place next week.  I also need to clean up the old supers, we’re needing them.


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  1. 1 On September 2nd, 2009, Debee said:

    Hi Justin,

    Not that this will do you any good now, but if this happens to you again (drone laying); I have been told by “old timers” that if you take each frame from the drone laying queen-less hive 15 feet or so away and shake off all of the bees, the worker(s?) responsible will not return to their hive. You can then either install a new queen or a frame of fresh eggs from another hive so they can requeen on their own. If you do not get rid of the drone laying workers first, they may kill off any newly introduced queen.

    cheers, Deb

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