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Supers on the hives

18th June 2011

Supers on the hives

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The girls are busy, and it was time to give them a super to fill with honey.  We had already put a super on our oldest hive, although on inspection she hasn’t done much in it yet.  She’s been busy refilling the upper brood chamber with honey.  Judging from the color of the bees I’d say she has some Russian in her - much darker than the pure Italian bees in the new hives.

(edit:  Just noticed earlier post that she was honey-bound.  This time she definitely was not.  Now I am concerned - will have to inspect lower chamber)

The new hives were reaching capacity, so we got the supers on just in time.   Since the weather didn’t cooperate and the packages arrived so late, we were worried that the new hives would be lagging far behind.  But clearly they’ve been working hard!

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