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Removed honey super from Amelia

27th September 2011

Removed honey super from Amelia

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Well, the time came to take the honey super off Amelia.  The bee escape had allowed most of the bees to migrate down to the brood chamber, but not all.  I was able to remove the super and brush the bees off the frames, so that part went OK.

The next step was to put the bee escape board on the other new hive (Susan having once again failed to store any honey beyond her 2 brood chambers).  Unfortunately, the girls had created a matrix of burr comb between the super and the top brood chamber, which I had to remove before I could install the bee escape.

Well, let’s just say this didn’t go over well.  As I scraped off the burr comb the girls got increasingly upset, and eventually found their way inside my bee suit!  I ended up being stung at least 7 times (6 times on my neck and one on my leg).  Nevertheless I persisted and managed to install the bee escape.   Next time I make 100% sure I have the veil on the helmet correctly!

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