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More about Bees

5th May 2007

More about Bees

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Bees are very cute. Considering that they’re bugs… yet, even so, cute. They have anime-like big round eyes. They have adorable jointed antennae. The Italian ones are a lovely gold with black stripes (the Russians are more black-on-black). They do have more legs than a decent critter really needs, IMHO… but the back legs have their pollen baskets, so today a lot of bees were flying around with one or another color of pouffy pantaloons, just like my princess-cat and doggle except more colorful.

And they really are quite mellow, mostly. Dan would brush them away with his bare hands, and they’d just move along (that wasn’t when he got stung). They mostly just want to go about their bee-y lives.

And the package bee installation was so cool! With the first one- we watched it longer- he poured the bees from the traveling box into the hive- and I do mean “poured,” because they acted more like a viscous liquid than anything else- and they started exploring the hive that was their new home- and it probably wasn’t even 2 minutes later before a few started standing on the entrance or the top of the hive, raising their abdomens in the air, and signaling “Come on in! This ROCKS!” (otherwise known as the “come hither” pheromone). Sometimes one that was signaling would be approached by another, they’d “talk” (head to head, wiggling their antennae against the other one’s), then the new one would start signaling. Very nifty to watch!

I think this is going to be fun. :)


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