19th May 2007

Day 8

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Not really much to report today. I did see a few bees from each hive heading out on runs today- a nice change, since the rainy cold weather has kept the girls hivebound for the past few days. I miss seeing them!

Susan was, as has been typical, the most active. It’s hard to keep in mind that her current characteristics have absolutely nothing at all to do with her eventual character! Right now all the bees that are doing anything much are the ones from the package, which have no relationship at all, genetically, to Susan’s queen. We won’t have any idea of Susan’s- or Elizabeth’s or Mary’s- true character and qualities for another 3-5 weeks! That’s how long it takes for the eggs their queens lay to mature into bees, and start to be active outside the hive. (3 weeks to hatch, and 3 weeks as nurse bees that mostly stay in the hive and care for the queen and the brood; after that, they start to head out and forage etc.)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will open Eliz. and Mary at any rate and see if we can see eggs, or larvae, or capped brood (probably not this soon- that’s the pupa stage), or the queen. This will give us reassurance that everything is well, or, perhaps, a heads-up that it’s not- in which case we can start to think about how to manage it.

I hope that there will be pictures, but it’ll depend on the weather, and how pissed off this messing makes the girls. :)


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