27th May 2007

Day 16

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We did not do much with the girls today. We do need to check for brood in the next day or so- but I’m thinking that given the cold weather, delaying a day or 2 will make it more likely that we’ll recognize brood if brood we have. So if the weather cooperates, we’ll check out the hives tomorrow; else, Tuesday.

At one point this afternoon Mary was very agitated. There were lots of bees randomly buzzing about, and no identifiable cause. An hour later, though, they’d calmed back down, so I’m hoping all is well.

In the breaks in my studio work today I was researching top bar hives. Interesting stuff! The basic concept is that in such hives, the bees decide what size of cells they need, and where they need ‘em, while still maintaining a reasonable level of accessibility. I am thinking that if we do a 4th hive next year, a top bar would be the way to go as an experiment.

I made more syrup today, which we’ll feed tomorrow. J got stung twice yesterday morning; he was feeding the girls, and Eliz. and Susan were mellow about it but Mary was stroppy- plus, he wasn’t wearing a veil or anything. He is not allergic, fortunately. I am wondering if the difference is that we squished a few of Mary’s denizens the first time we refilled her feeder, and thus the alarm pheromones are on the feeder itself… We may want to bring it inside and scrub it.

On a more positive note, we’re seeing honeybees around the neighborhood, and even in our own yard (apart from right next to the hives). Such a trip! And J has seen them returning to the hive with pollen pantaloons in lots of colors, so they’re foraging for pollen, anyway. :)


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