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Quick update

16th June 2007

Quick update

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And another day has passed in which we were not able to get into the hives. Argh! We were all set to do it this evening… and there was thunder and some rain at just the wrong time.

One problem for me with all these delays is that I’m getting more and more skittish about doing it, as our successful inspections head into the past. I hope we will be able to manage it tomorrow!

J says that there are a lot more bees on the feeders now than there were a week or so ago, so we clearly have hatched brood. He also noticed that many bees in Elizabeth are darker than they formerly were, so her queen may have some Russian heritage, or mated with such a drone. This would be a good thing, since our winters are cold enough that the extra hardiness of the Russians would be welcome.

Also, we have now acquired yellow jacket traps to protect our girls. These are baited with yellow-jacket pheromones, so they ought not to hold any charms for the bees. I am pleased we were able to find these, and thank LJ user dreamingcrow for the tip!


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