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Third Inspection - we have honey!

17th June 2007

Third Inspection - we have honey!

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Today we finally had time and luck with the weather, so we were able to inspect the hives once again.  This was the first time we’d looked inside since we put the 2nd hive bodies on, and we were uncertain what we’d find.  Would the girls have started drawing comb in the 2nd tier? Or would they stay focussed on filling out the 1st?  Would they say “hi neighbor, come on in and see how we’ve decorated the place!”, or would they come boiling out of the opened hive shouting “Invader! Attack!!”

As it happened, the girls were busy expanding into the 2nd tier.  The basic pattern is centered on the middle frames, and the upper level appears to be all syrup stores so far.  I didn’t see any sign of brood in the 2nd tier on any of the hives.  Lots of syrup cells, and a fair amount of pollen stashed away.   While looking at the 2nd tier on Susan, we decided to take a look at what was happening with the 1st tier.  Drawn comb has been spread closer to the outer frames, although none of the hives had any comb on the outermost frame.   So they have decided to grow the hive upwards before filling outwards 100%.   We put pollen substitute on all three hives’ 2nd tiers, to encourage brood on the 2nd level.

 One bonus: as a result of looking under the 2nd tier, we saw that Susan was producing honey!  The girls had built comb to fill the gap between levels 1 and 2, and that comb was pulled apart by removing the 2nd tier.  The girls were busy sucking up the honey that was thus exposed.  Yes!  Honey!

We resisted the temptation to filch a bit of the honey to taste (this time!).  I think next time we’re in the hives, though, we’ll bring along a spoon to steal a sample.  And we’ll be placing an order for the queen excluder so we can put a honey super on in time for the nectar flow.  I love honey, and it would be so totally cool to have a bit from our own hives!


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