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17th June 2007


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We have honey. :) At least 2 of the hives have created comb between the hive bodies, so when we opened up the hives, we saw the honey. It’s golden, as compared to the stored syrup which is clear.

All the hives seem to be doing well, but Elizabeth is the frontrunner. I’ve seen it while observing her exterior: she’s sending out 2-5 times as many foraging bees in the afternoon as Mary and Susan combined; the latter 2 are really active in the mornings, but tend to slack in the afternoons, while Elizabeth stays active.

So! I think we need to order our queen excluders soonish (along with various other things we have found we need), because I think we will be able to put a honey super on Eliz. before the fall nectar flow. This means we may get a wee bit of honey for our own use, without compromising the hive’s ability to survive the winter.

Mary and Susan are doing fine, but are not nearly as  productive as Eliz. This is rather gratifying, since given her location (more shade than the others), she was at somewhat of a disadvantage initially.

Eliz.’s bees are definitely darker than Mary’s and Susan’s. There’s clearly another strain involved in her heritage- which is great from my point of view! Mary and Susan’s bees are all still the classic black-and-gold Italian coloring, while Eliz.’s are still stripey, but the whole is darker.

I noticed that I was a lot more nervous about dealing with the girls than  I was last time we inspected the hives. I think all the delays made it harder for me. Still, I took pictures and added pollen substitute to the hives bare-handed, and with more comfort as we progressed. In terms of dealing with my bug Issues, I think it would be helpful to mess with the girls every 10 days or so… although from their perspective, the less messing, the better!


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  1. 1 On June 18th, 2007, Cam said:

    Whoo! Congratulations!

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