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The girls do not like refills

19th June 2007

The girls do not like refills

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This morning I filled the feeders, since all 3 were empty (again!).  The jug I use to carry the syrup doesn’t hold enough to fill all 3, so on previous occasions the last hive got shortchanged  a bit.  This time I tried an alternative approach - I filled all 3 halfway, refilled the jug, then went back to each hive to “top up”.

 Clearly a mistake!  The girls did not appreciate being interrupted while guzzling syrup, and I was buzzed by more irritated bees than I have before, even when taking frames from the hive for inspection.  I won’t be using this technique again…


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  1. 1 On June 20th, 2007, AF said:

    They are PIGGIES! :)

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