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The girls are piggies!

20th June 2007

The girls are piggies!

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I have just made another batch of syrup. I’ve been making a batch almost every day, usually 10 or 12 pounds each time (that’s half sugar and half water). And still, the girls are swigging it down, even though they also appear to be foraging reliably.

At this point we’ve gone through 100 pounds of sugar since getting the girls, and almost all of that has entered bee-bellies and not ours. And we’re again almost out of sugar. J’s been buying it in 25-pound bags; I think this time I’ll ask him to get 2 of them. (a 25-lb bag costs a bit over $11, so it’s not hugely expensive- especially compared to the hive bodies themselves and similar things- which is a relief.)

Piggies, I say!

The books say that the piggies girls will stop taking syrup when there’s plenty of nectar flow. I am beginning to wonder if that is true, or if the convenience of “breakfast in bed”, as it were, makes up for the lack of quality of said breakfast compared to proper nectar.

I’m not sure if we can tell the difference between capped honey and capped syrup. I also don’t think they separate them out in the storage cells.

Mary has been very active today- not foraging (Elizabeth’s still kicking the other girls’ asses with that) but in sort of random buzzing about the hive. It’s very similar to the way they acted when they were first installed- which makes me think she’s had a fair amount of brood hatched recently, and the young workers are taking some orienting flights before they start foraging. The timing checks out for that- it’s about 5.5 weeks since we installed the packages, so the oldest of our queens’ workers are roughly 2 weeks old. On average, they work in the hive for 3 weeks, then forage for another 3. (The life of a worker bee is hard and short, I’m afraid.)


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  1. 1 On June 21st, 2007, gandryyne said:

    Lemme try this in a more appropriate place….

    Found a video clip you might find interesting:

  2. 2 On June 21st, 2007, AF said:

    What a great clip! Thank you! I’m going to post a link to it so people who haven’t read your comment can see it.

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