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Pictures! Our Third Hive Inspection

22nd June 2007

Pictures! Our Third Hive Inspection

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We have honey! Not much, but some. Also, the girls are working hard to build up their newly expanded quarters. Pictures etc. are under the cut…

Elizabethe: Third InspectionThis is one of the new frames from Elizabeth’s recently added, second hive body. The lower left shows pretty much raw foundation, on which the girls have done little to nothing; the upper right shows drawn comb- it’s whiter than the molded foundation- with syrup in some cells and pollen- the dark reddish stuff- in others.

Here’s another good picture of the way the girls work on a new frame. This is Susan, and she’s drawing comb across the frame, and has drawn it and stored syrup in the cells in the bottom left.

Here’s some of Susan’s exuberant comb- that’s comb they built between the 2 layers of the hive, rather than on the foundation we supply. You can see the golden color- that means it’s honey, not just stored syrup.

And here’s Mary’s exuberant comb, also with honey. You can see her girls are working very hard on this! It probably does not help her mood that we messed them up by going into the hive! :) ETA: Actually, this is due to our messing with the hive. We broke up this comb by opening it, and the girls are sucking it up to prevent us- or anyone else- from stealing it. You can see they take this very seriously indeed- it looks like an all-you-can-eat bee buffet!

Elizabeth’s done the most work on the second level of her hive. She’s a very hardworking hive, and I’m pleased she’s doing so well- her location is slightly less advantageous than Mary’s and Susan’s, and she gets started a bit later in the day- but she works hard clear through till evening, while Mary and Susan tend to slack a bit in the afternoons. At this point, if we raise our own queens next year, Liz is the hive I’d do it from!


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  1. 1 On June 23rd, 2007, Naamah_Darling said:

    Beautiful bees!

    There’s something so . . . so satisfying about the shapes and colors — gold and black, the repeating stripes of bee bodies, the hexagonal cells.

    Makes me want to paint a bee box!

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