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I wonder what’s gotten into the girls?

26th June 2007

I wonder what’s gotten into the girls?

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I’ve been feeding the girls most mornings (see the various posts about what piggies these bees are), so perhaps I’ve become a bit complacent.  These are stinging venomous insects, after all!  This morning it was hot so I wore shorts, although I had the presence of mind to wear a light gray long sleeve shirt over my T-shirt for the feeding.  As always when feeding I was wearing the hat and veil, so I felt pretty confident.  I’ve usually had groups of bees walking on my hands while feeding; I’m careful not to crush them while taking the feeder out, filling it, and especially while putting it back into the hive.

This morning, however, Elizabeth was ready to attack from the get-go.   I could hear the tone of the bees go from humming to buzzing, increasing volume and gaining a hostile edge.  Perhaps I hurried and hurt a bee, but I think they started to sting even before I started to put the feeder back in.  Now, I didn’t really want to continue getting stung, but I was on a mission to feed these girls, so I carried on and finished the job on Elizabeth before retreating.  I had an angry bee trying to get into the veil, I brushed her aside as I took off the hat, but she came right back and got caught in my hair.  Fortunately I got her out before being stung on the head, and I ducked into the studio.

I put on the full bee suit (What Amanda calls my “HazMat” look) and headed back out to feed the other two hives.  Susan was OK, although I sure moved quickly to complete the task!  Mary, unfortunately, was upset, and I was stung on the hand while putting the feeder into the hive.  I haven’t been wearing gloves, because they are much more clumsy and likely to crush a bee by mistake.

As I getting ready to shower, I heard a bee buzzing inside my shirt!    I struggled to get the shirt off while at the same time trying to squash the angry bee before she nailed me.  I didn’t succeed.

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