1st March 2007


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We did it! We are now committed to housing and caring for 12 pounds of bees, including 3 queens- meaning, 3 hives.

This whole thing is not cheap to start up. The class is around $200, the bees similarly, and the hives etc. will probably be another $300. Eep. Still, getting new stuff does mean that we won’t be introducing any diseases or anything, so we think it’s worth it. Not that we have a raft of people offering us old stuff, but still. :)

However, everything but the bees is usable for the indefinite future, so that’s not too bad- it’s an investment. And assuming nothing dreadful happens, the bees will last for a while too- well, not THESE bees, but the hives they will start.

The Warm Colors Apiary guy has not had any of the mysterious dying-off that the articles have been about. He thinks these things are the result of toxins- basically, the guys with 4k hives who drive them all over the country are stressing the bees a lot- bees do not tend to want to see the world- and compensate with a lot of chemical assistance. This does make sense to me.

Next class is in a couple of weeks. That one will focus more on what beekeepers do- this one was all about the bees. Which are really cool little entities!


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