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Frames for supers prove challenging

5th July 2007

Frames for supers prove challenging

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We hadn’t really expected to need honey supers this year, but the girls have been busy and filled 2 hive bodies for each colony, so it was time to assemble the supers and frames.   We had ordered 3 supers with the original order from Dadant, and they went together as nicely as the hive bodies had previously.

The frames, however, proved to be trickier.  The wood frames themselves went together without a problem, but the thin foundation that was supposed to fit the shallow supers came up short.   Basically, the foundation was exactly the height of the frame, with no allowance for any foundation to fit into the grooves in the top and bottom of the frames.  I ended up inserting the foundation into the upper groove and nailing a wood strip along the top to hold it in place.  This leaves the foundation hanging loose, like a flag.  I am hoping the bees will draw out comb and stabilize this arrangement, but it is pretty obvious that I am doing something wrong.


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