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Hive update

7th July 2007

Hive update

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We did a bit of hive work today. Not extensive, but I think it’ll meet the girls’ needs.

Basically, the plan was to take a quick look at the second hive bodies, add a queen excluder and a honey super, remove the plastic plate under the mesh bottom board, and remove the syrup feeders.

Mary- the hive we’d examined more thoroughly a week or so ago- was still doing great. She’s drawn comb on all the frames in the top hive body; there’s capped brood in several frames; and she’s very active and productive. So we added the queen excluder and the super and took out the feeder. (One doesn’t want to feed syrup while one is trying to collect honey- syrup does not make honey, even when processed by bees.)

Susan wasn’t doing as well. She’s worked on some of the frames in the second hive body, but not all of them, and hasn’t even finished the pollen patty we gave her when we added the second hive body. She seems to be doing well, though, and this is about what we were expecting at this point; Mary (and Liz) are overachievers. We added the excluder and the super anyway. I’m not sure if her queen has been laying in the top hive body, but we figured more room was better than less room.

I was a bit leery of Elizabeth, since Justin’s found them to be rather stroppy of late. They seem from their looks to have more Russian heritage than the other girls. But they were pretty mellow today- granted that we didn’t do much that would piss them off! We didn’t pull any frames, but from looking at the tops, she’s drawn comb and is filling all the frames in the top hive body. We don’t know if her queen is laying there, but the hive is clearly doing well so we weren’t inclined to mess. Especially since she stings. :) So we again added the excluder and super, and removed the feeder and the plastic insert that fits into the bottom board (which will help them cool the hive when it’s really hot, as is predicted for tomorrow etc.).

I got some pictures, and will be posting them soon.

It’s very exciting to think we may get actual honey this year! We may need to figure out what we need to add more supers; if they’re beign that productive, we want to take advantage (AND prevent swarming!).


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