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The girls are making progress

21st July 2007

The girls are making progress

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We’ve just come in from examining the honey supers on all three hives, and all three are making good progress.  Mary even has capped honey cells!  Elizabeth is also doing very well, starting to store honey.  Susan is the straggler, so far she is still working on drawing out comb, although she is doing that quite well.

The frames were well glued down with propolis, and the covers were firmly  attached to the supers.  Since the covers are very precisely matched to the supers (the Dadant hive components are certainly well made!), it was actually a challenge to work my hive tool in between so I could pry the covers off.

After checking the three hives some of the girls were getting pretty testy, so we backed off and headed back into the house.  Unfortunately one of the girls managed to get into my jeans (!), despite full bee suit with elastic and velcro to make the ankles snug.  There’s no way to get a bee out (at least that I have found), so I was forced to crush her through the fabric.  This always makes me a bit sad.


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