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Bees! It begins

4th February 2007

Bees! It begins

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I am now signed up for a class in beekeeping. dreamingcrow had a link to an article on bees, and that referenced a MA beekeeper who offers lessons… and so I have signed up.

Hard to believe that I have had a longtime bug phobia!

Bees are vital to pretty much all aspects of food growing, and due to a combination of bee parasites and the removal of various economic supports for beekeepers in this country, we are now seeing a bee population of roughly half of what it used to be… and diminishing. It seems to me really vital that people step into the breach, even in a small-scale way.

My other motivation is a fascination with bees as an almost alien lifeform- they are SO different from mammals! I am intrigued.

So I am not yet committed to actually running hives or anything- but beekeeping has been of interest to me for a number of years now, and the course will do much to help me decide whether- or how much- I want to pursue it.


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