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Lots of honey!

13th August 2007

Lots of honey!

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After the most recent beekeeping class, I felt it was important to check on our hives’ health (class being about health issues).  I took the lid off Mary and saw that we had many bees on the top of the inner cover, and even more on the underside.  The frames in the super were busy with bees, and when I pulled the outermost frame, it was nearly 100% capped honey!  Even without pulling the others I could see that the honey super was full.

Lifting it off in order to inspect the upper brood body proved a challenge.  First off, it was solidly glued down with propolis, and second, it was quite heavy with the honey.  I set the super aside and proceeded to pry up the queen excluder in order to access the brood frames.

Well!  The hive immediately started an angry hum, and a cloud of at least 100 bees burst forth and covered my veil!  I had heard the rising hum, so I wasn’t completely taken off guard, but it was still enough to give me a start.  I decided against pulling any frames (I hadn’t fired up the smoker, a mistake I won’t repeat soon), but a glance into the hive body looked busy enough.  Lots of bees, comb from edge to edge.

Next weekend I plan to use the smoker and press on to inspect at least one of the hives.  I’ve been smelling a foul odor, but I can’t tell if it is from the hives (meaning a serious foulbrood problem) or from the surroundings (we get dead chipmunks, etc, left around by maurauding cats), or from decaying compost.  A full hive inspection seems like the proper course.

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