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Another level of honey supers

18th August 2007

Another level of honey supers

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Today I assembled 3 supers’ worth of “Bee-O-Pac” plastic packages for comb honey.  They are quite ingenious, two complementary halves that go together with a built-in rivet.  Each super holds 8 frames, each frame has 16 Bee-o-pacs, for 128 packages of comb honey per super for the girls to fill!

 When I went to install the new supers, I thought it would go pretty easily, so I put on only the veil (no full bee suit).   I took the cover off Elizabeth, things looked OK, so I took off the inner cover.  Lots of bees milling about, and the super was close to 100% full with capped honey comb.  When I pulled a frame to take a closer look, the girls were NOT HAPPY and began to buzz me.  Once I was stung on the hand they really started to worked up, so I retreated and put on the full bee suit.

Susan was less feisty, although her girls got excited when I popped the inner cover off - that thing was really glued down with propolis, and the whole hive shook when it popped.  Susan hadn’t filled all her frames yet, well behind Elizabeth.  I put the new super on anyway, although I returned a little later and took it off so they could concentrate on the frames they already had started on.

Mary was at close to 100% full also, so we were right on time with the new supers.  Not sure how many packages we’ll get this year, but the existing supers were filled pretty quickly, so I have hopes of a decent number.


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