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More syrup for the bees

7th November 2007

More syrup for the bees

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Although it was raining this morning I distributed the syrup that Amanda had prepared. It was chilly and hardly any bees were visible until I eased the Boardman feeder out of the entrance. A few dozen bees ventured out onto the “porch” while I filled the feeder. None were stirred to come after me, fortunately, for I was just wearing my rain jacket which is hardly bee-proof!


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  1. 1 On December 8th, 2007, Zelma Boggess said:

    Have you used the hive top polystyrene feeders?

    I used the baggie method with slits inside a shim and below the inner cover. My problem is in being unable to restock the syrup unless the weather gets warm enough to open.

    Do you have a bee keeping organization nearby?

    Do you have a bee keeper who is helping you?

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