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Our own beeswax!

12th November 2007

Our own beeswax!

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Today I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now: scraped bur comb off the bee escapes and queen excluders that had been in our hives. I did 3 of the six, and plan to complete the other 3 soon.

One reason I’d waited was because I was acquiring some beeswax-dedicated equipment. I now have an inexpensive pan and strainer (for melting and straining the wax), and some disposable pans into which I can put the strained wax.

So: today I scraped off the comb meanderings the girls had attached to the various pieces. I melted them at a very, very low temp. on a hotplate in my studio (which is more appropriate for non-edible work than the kitchen, I decided), then strained it into the disposable pan.

So cool! I have maybe a half-cup or so of wax- not that much, but more than I’d thought I’d get from this. I also have weird grunge in the pan, consisting of propolis, bee parts, and various other unknown things. Once I get the other 3 hive parts cleaned off, I’ll discard that.

The melting wax made my studio smell just lovely, too. :)

Besides the bur comb, we’ll get some more wax from the honey we plan to extract and make into mead. All told, it might even be enough for a candle or something!

I’m planning on looking up recipes for hand creams, etc. that use beeswax and/or propolis. I’ve read that propolis can be a help with skin conditions, and I have a few patches of eczema that are annoying. I’d like to try out hive products on them (especially since I love Burt’s Bees products quite a lot!).

I am also thinking that with the girls’ passion for making propolis, we should probably add propolis traps to the hives next year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm- almost 60F here. We should be sure that the girls have syrup in their feeders, in case they want to take advantage of the warmth.


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