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Winter is Coming: Closing the Hives

25th November 2007

Winter is Coming: Closing the Hives

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Today I removed the front feeders from all three hives, and adjusted the mouse guards to cover the entire hive opening. The mouse guards are metal (so the mice can’t chew through them), with bee-sized holes (so the bees can leave the hive to fetch water, etc.). It was a bit of a sad experience, because dead bees are beginning to collect at the entrance. I know it is the normal lifecycle of the hive, but I get a bit silly about my girls! I’ve been know to spend time I really can’t afford, shepherding stray bees out of the studio, one by one.

I haven’t installed the hive wrap yet, as it is still getting warm from time to time. Since the wrap is black it would tend to warm up in the sun, which is OK when it’s 20 degrees out but not if it is 60 degrees.

We still have to cut up the comb honey for use and distribution. And of course we can make plans for next season!


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