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Tucking the girls in: We wrap the hives for winter

4th December 2007

Tucking the girls in: We wrap the hives for winter

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Justin braved the cold and the wind today to put the hive wrap on our hives. Brrr! It’s not that cold yet (at least, for someone who grew up in Minnesota), but the wind’s been fierce and we’ve been worrying about the girls. The hive wrap will help in several ways: it is another layer between the bees and the weather; it’s solid so it will help keep the wind and drafts from affecting the inside of the hive; and it’s black, to maximize solar gain when the sun’s out.

Justin said that while he was installing it, he saw a couple of bees “escorting” an older, failing bee out of the hive. It was apparently struggling ineffectively, reminding him of the “I’m not dead yet!” sketch in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Unfortunately, the bees were as unsentimental as the characters in the sketch, and the poor old girl was shoved out to freeze. Bees are not sentimental. But… awww.


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  1. 1 On December 8th, 2007, Zelma Boggess said:

    I also installed hive wrap, even sewed hook and loop tape in 3 places at both ends to quickly snap them on. I encountered a problem when the the 40 mph winds of latest cold front blew the wrap off of hive no 1. We could hear the wind howling at 2 am, and looked out to see the wrap on no 1 missing. The temps were around 35 so I put on my warm gear and with flashlight retrieved the wrap, reinstalled it and added pink marking twine I happened to have. Very difficult to tie alone with fingers cold.

    The girls are now snuggly tied with black wrap and pink stings with shoe lace type bows. Glad to have the wraps in place by morning the temps dropped more the snow began..3 inches of welcome snow moisture. Then the nights really got cold. Thursday morning it was 3 degrees above zero. I was glad our girls were also snug in their blankets.

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