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Winter notes: How are the bees doing?

21st December 2007

Winter notes: How are the bees doing?

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Answer: it’s really hard to say.

It’s been very cold and snowy here, so we’re glad Justin put on the hive wrap when he did! He’s also made a point of brushing snow away from the hive entrances, so they have some fresh air. Some days there have been a number of bee bodies outside the hives; we’re hoping that it’s just the expected die-off of elderly bees, and not a serious problem. It’s been far, far too cold to even think about looking in the hives to see!

Supposedly on Sunday it’s supposed to get up to 50F here, although rain is predicted. Perhaps we will see a girl or more on “cleansing flights” then, if the rain’s not too bad.

I take comfort in knowing we’ve done all we know to do to help them make it through the winter. I just hope it’s enough!

…And come January, we need to think about plans for next year: whether to do another hive or 2; if so, what kind (I’d like to try a top-bar), and where we would put them. This not knowing whether our 3 current hives will make it..! For that reason alone, I’m thinking we ought to plan on getting another package; if one of our girls dies, we can use it there, and if not, we can add a fourth hive.


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