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Bee-girls enjoying spring

26th March 2008

Bee-girls enjoying spring

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Today our local temps hit the mid-50s F, and the bees were definitely out and about. It was lovely to see their pretty golden flashes around our yard again!

Mostly, they were gathering water from our little pond. They did seem to be starting to take syrup from the feeders, too, and there was a lot of pretty random buzzing around the home hives, which I think is relatively new bees starting to orient themselves for field work.

We’re not in a climate that has anything much for them to gather at this point. I’m hoping we can add the pollen patties to the hives this weekend, to support early growth. In another week or so there will be pollen and nectar starting locally, too.

I am truly thrilled that all 3 hives made it through the winter! :)


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