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Early Spring Bee-business

3rd April 2008

Early Spring Bee-business

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I really had a lovely time this afternoon, just watching the bees and enjoying their contented buzzing. I’ve missed that over the winter!

I put out some of the frames from which I’d cut honeycomb, hoping they’d clean up the residual honey… but they weren’t interested. I’ve tried a few times now, with no response, so I think I’ll wait to try again until the temps are in the mid-60sF, minimum. Right now, while there’s definitely activity at midday, they don’t seem to be as focused on collections as they normally are. Interesting! Because, last summer, I could put a few frames out… and it wouldn’t be 30 seconds before there was at least 1 bee on it. And those were much further away from the hives!

It’s really cool to be getting more of a feel for the way the bees deal with things seasonally.

I’ve made another batch of syrup (1:1 sugar/water), because the girls are starting to suck down the stuff in the feeders. The first day we have 60+F and no rain (which hasn’t happened yet), we’ll open the hives and give each one a pollen patty.

We need to research timing for the varroa mite treatments, too. One doesn’t want to have honey supers on while one treats, since it can impact the honey. Still, we probably do want to treat this spring, because we saw some signs of a problem over the winter- so we need to figure the best timing.

Next fall I want to do a series of powdered-sugar treatments starting when we remove the supers. This will drop the mite count for over the winter, and in a pretty non-toxic way.

I am also contemplating adding sacrificial drone comb to the hives. This year it might even help to deter swarming…


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