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Thoughts on bees

2nd March 2007

Thoughts on bees

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One of the things that’s attracted me to beekeeping, at least in theory (so far) is the essential alien-ness of bees. A bee is not an entity in the same way as a mammal is; it’s most sensible to look at the hive itself as the entity, and that’s very foreign to a mammalian POV.

I find that both fascinating and off-putting. The alien-ness of bugs is one of the things that drives my bug-phobia… but it’s also fascinating. Dan, the apiary guy, is convinced that “his” bees recognize him, and I think that’s possible. It’s also possible that we are pretty much invisible to the hive as entities ourselves (unless they mistake us for bears!), and thus we’re more the climate and the flowering of plants rather than someone with whom to relate. That’s icky, for me, with regards to carpenter ants- but intriguing when it comes to bees.

Bees do have some advantages over ants, though. Bees are furry (though the fur is apparently structurally more like feathers), and have big eyes- and we have evolved to find fur and big eyes quite appealing. Just think how cute kittens are! And it doesn’t hurt that there are good reasons to make common cause with bees, especially honeybees- while there’s really not much reason to try to develop a relationship with carpenter ants!

I am fascinated by the combination of xenophilia and xenophobia I’m feeling as I begin wading into beekeeping. I will say that i saw tons of slides of bees last night, without getting creepy crawly feelings- so I consider that a Good Sign! It’ll be a challenge, I know- especially since I still do get creeped out by many bugs! but I’m eager to proceed, both for my own development, and because I think it’s an important thing to do.


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