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Simple Honey Extraction

15th April 2008

Simple Honey Extraction

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I just started our first pass at extracting honey the old-school way. This means using vessels and strainers, rather than those newfangled centrifugal jobbies! So I cut a frame of honey out of one of our super frames, and dumped it into the top of the 2 strainers, and then smashed it up to allow the honey to flow from the cells.

I’m hearing periodic dripping noises from the bucket into which the strainers are draining… but it’s clearly a slow process. I only got 1 shallow frame in the strainers this time, and it’ll take a while to get enough honey for even a 3-gallon batch of mead at this rate!

Plus- this does destroy the comb that the girls worked so hard to build, so it’s not especially efficient that way, either. I can certainly see why the centrifugal extractors are popular! We may end up getting one ourselves, if we can figure a place to put it- and I’d like one that holds the combs horizontally, so we can experiment with top-bar hives as well as the conventional types.

Still- it’ll be really cool to brew some mead from our own honey. And make some candles from the wax (I adore beeswax- yum!). And we’re going to need those frames for this year’s honey… so I’d best get cracking!


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